Online courses and templates to actually teach you how to practice law and help you become a better attorney. 

4L is the missing year. It’s what law school should have been. It’s the practical knowledge you’ve always wanted. 

The real-world education you never got, but always deserved.

4L Education

I chose the name 4L as a playful nod to the additional year of education I wish I’d had after three loooong years of foundational legal principles, jurisprudence, and IRAC. In other words, I wish I’d learned…ya know, how to actually practice law. So, I created a variety of courses, workbooks, and other resources to do just that. 

As it turns out, I was on to something. My best-selling online course 2 Weeks to Trademarks is credited for doubling and even tripling (yes, tripling!) the firm revenue of hundreds of attorneys. Along the way, I invited my longtime friend and colleague Erik Pelton - a successful trademark attorney with his own firm and a background in USPTO examination - and our joint courses have been widely acclaimed by trademark practitioners all over the world.

In succession to all this wild growth, I am so excited to continue expanding the 4L Education brand! My goal is to not only create even more resources in the area of trademarks, but also for solo and small firm practitioners in other fields. Stay tuned…I’m just getting started!

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The first (and only!) program that teaches you how to practice trademarks and get clients. 

This isn’t just an online course. It’s a full immersion into the world of trademarks. There’s no point in learning how to practice an area if you don’t know how to get clients. So we cover both.

Online Course

You know that amazing feeling when something you've been working on for sooo long finally happens? That's how I felt recently.

Ever since I started teaching trademarks, I've dreamed of being able to offer CLE credit for my courses. After years of hard work and a LOT of trial and error, I am so pleased to share that we are working with the American Bar Association for accreditation needs and many of our courses are approved by a large number of MCLE states. Cue happy dance.

The CLE Experience

online program

You already know Sonia and Erik. You know they each bring a combined total of over 30 years of successful trademark practice and firm ownership. If you've ever taken one of their courses, you know they're legit.

And now, they've teamed up once again to teach The Practicum.

We're talking weekly live classes, online study halls, online clinics, office hours, and homework. Yes, homework.

Inside The Practicum, you are going to learn by DOING. Doing it one, twice, and over again until you feel comfortable and confident. 

The Practicum

online program

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love notes

- Pamela Fero

"The best money I have spent so far as an attorney."

- Berkley Sweetapple

"I DOUBLED and TRIPLED my revenue in only 9 months. It has only gone up more since then."

- Matthew Goings

"I could have just skipped law school and taken your courses."

- Ticora Davis

"I DOUBLED my yearly revenue in large part due to Sonia's courses and am now almost at 7 figures!"

- Chinwe Ohanele

"Best investment of this year and I have paid for a lot of programs…Too many people selling things and not delivering, but you over-delivered."

- Victoria Smolyar

"I don’t know of any other practicing attorney who would disclose so much about the inner-workings of their practice. I’ve paid so much money for CLEs over the years, and nothing comes close to the wealth of information that I got."

The Reviews

Use this guide to advise your clients on the front end on how to design their marketing and sales materials to ensure there won’t be a rejection in the first place!


online course

If you've never dealt with TTAB proceedings before or simply want to ensure you learn these filings correctly, TTABulous is just for you!


online course

Get all the instruction, tutorial, and EVEN A WORKBOOK OF OVER 30 SAMPLE RESPONSES that you'll ever need to draft winning arguments to reverse the USPTO's refusals! 

Office Action Boot Camp + Workbook

online course

Best-Selling Courses